During the 2011 legislative session, our one-party government in Hartford approved a large emergency certified budget bill which contained a provision authorizing the Department of Corrections to develop a program allowing prisoners to earn credits towards early release for good behavior. Kim Fawcett voted for this bill.

The Democrat leadership in Hartford rejected Republican proposals to prohibit violent offenders, such as child molesters, robbers, arsonists, and burglars from participating in this program. On June 27, 2012, Frankie Resto, who had recently been released from prison after earning 199 days of earned credits for good behavior under the new program, allegedly entered an EZ Mart in Meriden and shot and killed Ibrahim Ghazal, a married father of six. Resto had been serving time for two robberies when he was released early from prison. When Kim Fawcett does show up for work, she votes for legislation that puts our fellow citizens at risk.

Dona Oligino