The just-updated Republican Party platform seeks to make abortion illegal, establish personhood as occurring at conception and exclude any kind of rape victim from access to an abortion. (Its pro-life advocates fear women would use the rape excuse whenever they wanted an abortion.) The party does not respect reproductive rights, believes fetal rights trump all, and ignores crucial facts such as intent and capability. The Republican Party is a menace to women.

This platform is a blueprint to 1) establish pregnant women as property of the state and 2) make pregnancy-to-term compulsory once any egg is fertilized. The platform effectively seeks to:

1. Require all anti-abortion-rights legislators use language in their statutes that says that all pregnant women become property of the state during a pregnancy, and that they as property, and not a free person, have no say on whether or not they wish to remain pregnant.

2. Ignore any inquiry regarding the intent of the couple to fertilize an egg.

3. Require that all such legislators create laws that mandate that women take every pregnancy to term.

4. Call the law the Compulsory Pregnancy to Term Act (or CPTTA.)

5. Have the American Legislative Exchange Council draft and distribute model legislation to GOP members in each state legislature and the Congress.

These are the consequences of implementing the Republican platform and repealing Roe v. Wade.

Ken Camarro