I was prompted recently to write a letter to the editor addressing the upcoming municipal election here in Fairfield. I was a bit uncertain if I should. However, this week's trip to the Fairfield dump pushed me to act.

To dump a trunk full of my garbage, the fee has gone up 10 percent, from $5 to $5.50. I remember this past spring, residents were up in arms about the budget, and many taxpayers were aghast at a possible 6.4 percent increase.

Many folks at town meetings and in the press had criticized the way the dump was operated and focused on our solid waste operation. However, raising the rate for residential disposal is a bit much.

I for one am wondering, what do we get for our taxes? We pay to get rid of wastewater, we pay to go to the beach. We just pay and pay. I hope that citizens in November remember to vote and keep in mind those citizens and residents who were attempting to get Fairfield's financial house in order. I have put my name up for the tax assessment appeals commision on the Republican slate. After seeing garbage in and garbage out, it appears to be the SOS.

David Thornton