On May 8, Jim Himes ignored the interests of his constituents and cast a partisan vote against the formation of a House Select Committee on Benghazi. A vote for committee formation will prove to be the responsible, constitutional action, and Mr. Himes will have again debased himself. From the very first reports, it has been obvious that the Obama Administration has acted against common-sense logic and has been concealing the true facts surrounding the terrorist attack, which claimed four brave American lives in the service of our country.

For reasons that have yet to be ascertained, Americans have been subjected to an endless series of deceptive explanations and apparent lies in an effort by the Administration to push this tragic event into history as quickly as possible. For those who may be skeptical of the committee's necessity, let the following unanswered questions (among others) provide some clarity of purpose:

1. After the British and the Red Cross were attacked and left Benghazi, why did the U.S. keep a significant presence there, and what operation was Ambassador Stevens directing there?

2. Why were the ambassador's repeated requests in the summer of 2012 to the State Department for sufficient security ignored?

3. Why was there no military action to respond to the attack and protect dozens of Americans abandoned at the Benghazi compound?

4. Why did the administration lie about the Internet video being the cause right up to Obama's Sept. 25 speech to the United Nations, when the CIA knew immediately it was an organized terrorist attack, and advised the White House of the fact in writing? And, who devised the much repeated video deception used as a red-herring alternate explanation?

5. Why did Hillary Clinton refuse to face questioning and send out Susan Rice to face the press in her stead?

6. Why have the 30 U.S. government-employee eyewitnesses from the Benghazi compound been coerced to sign confidentiality statements, and have yet to be allowed to even be deposed by congressional committees?

7. Why has no one in the U.S. government been held accountable?

8. Why has no culpable terrorist been captured or killed, when CNN photographed one of the prime suspects at a Benghazi cafe within a couple weeks of the attack?

As part of the brilliance of our constitutional system, Congress is empowered, and indeed obligated to be investigator, prosecutor, and judge of presidential misconduct. But Mr. Himes has put party ambition over constitutional responsibilities. His vote demonstrates his disregard for the Constitution and once again reveals him as a mere agent of the radical liberal ideology which has been driving the Democrat agenda in Congress to the detriment of his constituents for too long. This man must be held to account.

Bob MacGuffie