For over 75 years, MacKenzie's Pharmacy has provided service and been a community partner for the residents of Trumbull. Tony Hwang has been a real friend and supported me and our pharmacy through some of the most difficult times that our profession has faced in many years. Tony truly cares for his constituency and is always available to listen and lend a hand when possible.

Our experience with Tony at MacKenzie's Pharmacy reflects that commitment. Tony took the time to better understand some very complicated and involved matters concerning the pharmacy business in Connecticut. He then brought our business and personal concerns to his legislative colleagues in the General Assembly to educate them and other governmental entities on the issues facing pharmacies. Tony's work on this has demonstrated to me that he has a genuine desire to help small local businesses in Connecticut.

Tony has always shown to be fair and honest, and has consistently been a true gentleman and consummate professional whenever I consult with him. He understands the passion and concerns that I have for my business and, through his support and friendship, he has helped me to best communicate my concerns with other state officials and the public in general. As we spent more time talking about how he can make a difference in our community, I was pleasantly surprised to know that I was not just educating him on my issues and concerns; it turned out that Tony, in fact, taught me a whole lot about myself, my business and governmental policies that I never realized before. It has helped me tremendously.

This is exactly the kind of person that we need up in Hartford representing the people -- someone who will take the time to answer your calls, visit with you, and truly listen to you, no matter how small the issue; someone who will stand with you and support you; someone who will seek to understand your concerns and present these concerns and solutions to the government in a meaningful way. We need representation and compassion like this -- something that has been lacking for a long time among our elected state and federal officials.

That sums up Tony Hwang -- someone who is a dynamic, unselfish individual that is willing to help you and represent you with passion and dignity. I know first-hand that Tony is a hard working representative of the people, skillfully working in Hartford for our benefit. He knows how to get things done, even when faced with overwhelming opposition. I urge you to do the right thing this November and vote to keep Tony Hwang as our state representative. He does make a difference.

Pat Santella

MacKenzie's Pharmacy