Thank you, state Rep. Tony Hwang, for reaching out to connect with me about your upcoming re-election campaign. This really is a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in your campaign, and I would like to join your campaign and make a difference.

Reading some of the articles on your website I realized one main, overwhelming, and very important attribute. I find that you are a true representative. You listen to the people in your district, and you reach out. This is very important as it solidifies your reputation as a representative one can connect to.

I was talking to someone today who lived off Huntington Turnpike (in Trumbull), and I mentioned your name. They then told me how they really respected you as a representative since you listened, unlike many other politicians, to their concern about a cell tower.

I also liked your quotes about rewarding and empowering people, especially kids. This aspect I can personally attest to. In my eighth grade, I was a member of the We the People team, and as part of the class, my teacher took me and a few others to Frenchtown Elementary School. You and other politicians were part of an assembly for the school students. After the assembly, all the politicians left after the presentation, yet you were the only one to actually make an effort to come and speak to us. I'm not sure if you remember it, but to me it was a very big deal that a politician would actually care and talk to the kids. This again attests to your nature of being a true representative.

As I said, this sounds like a great opportunity to work with you. I will really get to learn how a campaign runs, and also learn about politics (which I have a strong passion for). I feel learning under you, specifically, will help add to the knowledge I can gain.

Mike Zabin


The writer is a student at Trumbull High School.