Given the misinformation in Jay Wolk's Aug. 29 letter ("Fawcett's opponent focuses on photo ops") and its overtly negative tone, I feel compelled to set the facts straight about my record and community involvement.

Mr. Wolk, who fails to note that he is vice chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee, claims I was disingenuous about my support for rail commuters, our children and local nonprofit organizations, and that I only attend community events for publicity.

I'm actually glad Mr. Wolk raised these issues, for it gets to the core of my approach as a representative and why I love it so very much.

I'm proud of my community involvement and fit as many events into my schedule as possible, with my family's allowances. Why? Because it's about celebrating the people and places that are at the heart of our community. It's about using my leadership position and the visibility I can help provide to give volunteers, businesses and others a larger platform to share their message.

And it's because of my involvement that I am proud to have earned the respect, trust and support of the very institutions that Mr. Wolk claims I have forsaken. It's ironic that Mr. Wolk would cite Operation Hope, Kennedy Center and the Center for Family Justice, given that one of them, the Kennedy Center, earlier this year nominated me for the Community Champion Award from the Connecticut Community Providers Association.

At the award ceremony, Martin D. Schwartz, Kennedy Center president and CEO, said: "This public act he introduced is a proud testament to what Connecticut can offer its very deserving yet vulnerable individuals, and just one example of the support and advocacy that Tony has offered to our provider community and the individuals that we serve. We thank Rep. Hwang for his critical leadership, and look forward to having the opportunity to working with him in the upcoming session."

You see, it's not about "photo ops." It's about a genuine desire to do everything in my power to make our community stronger, safer and better -- for all our residents.

As for my voting record on transportation and education, I am happy to engage on those critically important issues, too. I've been an ardent supporter of transportation and education since I was first elected to the state legislature, and I remain committed to ensuring they have appropriate funding levels without placing an even greater tax burden on families.

The specific votes Mr. Wolk mentions were part of a much larger spending and bonding package that would have done just that -- increase taxes.

It really is disappointing that Mr. Wolk has resorted to personal attacks and negativity already in this campaign.

At the end of the day, it's not about me or my opponent. It's about you and your family, our community and our home. I'm proud to be a part of that, and I will continue to be a leader who will work to earn your support and trust as your state senator.

State Rep. Tony Hwang

R-134th District

Candididate for state Senate, 28th District