It is unfortunate Michael Tetreau would use the office of the Fairfield first selectman as a bully pulpit to participate in my opponent's coordinated campaign of personal attacks, negativity and misinformation, in an attempt to undermine my public service record.

While I remain focused on the issues and running a positive campaign, I am compelled to respond.

Mr. Tetreau writes that I was disingenuous in noting my role in the installation of canopies at the Fairfield Center train station. The facts simply do not support his partisan attack.

My initiative in that matter -- along with many other commuter concerns during my six years in the Legislature -- inspired Mary Kay Frost, former chairwoman and two-term member of the Fairfield Parking Authority, which has jurisdiction over the train station, to write a letter touting my support of commuters.

"During my tenure, there have been several times when we had problems getting action from Metro-North or the CT DOT and Representative Hwang intervened and got the issue resolved," she writes. "Examples include his intervention with CT DOT to speed up the approvals needed for building the canopy over the stairs at Fairfield Center and his advocacy with Metro-North to get the yellow warning lines at the edge of the platforms repainted at both Fairfield Center and Southport stations."

To me, it's about working together, regardless of political party, for the public good. It's about integrity, character and leadership -- the foundations of my state Senate campaign.

State Rep. Tony Hwang

R-134th District


The writer is a candidate for state senate in the 28th Senate District.