To mention all of Tony Hwang's accomplishments would require too many words.

In Fairfield, Tony has always been a very active and dedicated state representative who puts his constituents first. His commitment to community is unsurpassed. His door is always open, and he makes time regardless -- for events or issues, never too big or too small.

Tonys' enthusiasm and commitment level is what we need in the state Senate. Tony is an effective legislator who is deeply connected with the community and dedicated to improving issues that affect not only our town of Fairfield but our state, such as high taxes, jobs/business growth, transportation, the environment, and, of course, education with the new Common Core standards.

Tony is a genuine, caring person whose platform also includes social responsibility for the care of those most vulnerable among his constituents, such as the affordability issue for seniors in our town. He also believes there are too many state regulations and policies for businesses that present obstacles to improving the economy.

We need a candidate with a proven track record that dives into issues and isn't scared to confront opposition and take a stand when it's most needed. Lets get back on track! Lets make our town and CT affordable places to live in with a growing economy!

Vote for Tony Hwang for state Senate in the 28th District Nov. 4. We owe it to ourselves.

Kathleen Blaine