I read this past week that Rep. Tony Hwang, R-134, is being investigated by the State Elections Enforcement Commission upon request by members of the executive board of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee.

These filings are protected under the Freedom of Information Act and available to the public for review. It's part of the process to keep politicians honest so that taxpayer dollars are spent as they were meant to be. The Democratic Town Committee reviewed the disclosure reports on what was purchased by Mr. Hwang's campaign and found it lacking in details. The complaint asks for more information, which is reasonable. Unfortunately, this process is akin to an IRS audit that nobody wants, and the timing is never good.

What disappoints me is the arrogance and contempt that Rep. Hwang has shown towards the Fairfield Democrats in their inquiry. I'm not a member of the Democratic Town Committee, but I'm a voter and a taxpayer.

I take exception to Rep. Hwang's strident dismissal of the investigation as, "petty, frivolous and a cheap shot." Rep. Hwang has an extensive, self-promoting wardrobe laden with his campaign logo, worn year round. Frankly it never occurred to me how he came about purchasing his wardrobe; I was more concerned about other issues. However, that has changed because like it or not, how you manage small details is as important as the big ones.

The investigation of Rep. Hwang's purchases may be ill timed, but it keeps everyone honest

Nancy Fuller