To the Editor:

With the presidential election campaign in full swing and more contentious than ever, it is easy to forget that another election of important consequence is also around the corner: that of our local state representative. I am writing to offer my unreserved endorsement of Dru Georgiadis for state representative of the 132nd District and to provide a personal insight for those who don’t know her.

Dru has been a friend and neighbor for over 20 years. She is a highly regarded resident of the Beach Area who has advocated for our children and our town through the PTA and the RTM for many years. She has a focused and goal-oriented approach that will be a huge benefit to us in Hartford. I know the results of her approach on a personal level, because as funny as it sounds, she helped my son develop a strong work ethic and pride in a job done well while baby-sitting the four Georgiadis boys and mowing their lawn for seven years. As my son learned early on, Dru has exacting standards!

Dru is also an approachable and compassionate person. After my young husband died in 1999, she organized a group of women friends to come to my house and paint my kitchen. I will always be grateful for her energy and motivation that helped get me moving forward again during a very difficult time in my life.

Finally, as a scientist and fellow Beach Area resident, I appreciate Dru’s intelligent and thoughtful views on the danger of ignoring climate change and welcome her advocacy for improved infrastructure, public transportation and energy conservation.

Please join me in voting for Dru Georgiadis for state representative of the 132nd District.

Elizabeth Kopp