Stand up to bullies and make your bed every day. That is just some of the simple advice a seasoned warrior recently gave a senior class of the University of Texas at Austin. That advice has been around for years, but the warrior's most recent delivery made magic for those seniors.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are bullies. The American people will never hand them the White House. I do not know if John Kasich makes his own bed. I do know that he is no bully. And he will stand up to the bullies who threaten us around the world. Kasich is the level-headed guy we need in the White House for the next four years to keep us safe from those who would threaten our safety and security.

John Kasich's quest for the Republican nomination for president may truly be quixotic. I have not done the delegate math. Nevertheless, I intend to vote for Kasich in the GOP primary later this month. I decided six months ago that he was the right guy to beat any Obama replacement, and he still is. We do not need a bully or another appeaser or blusterer like the two Obama replacements the Democrats have on deck.

Vote John Kasich on Tuesday, April 26, for a safer America.

Jim Brown