I am very pleased to express my support for the re-election of Jim Kennelly to the Fairfield Town Plan and Zoning Commission.

I suspect we would all agree it is vital for any private sector business organization to plan ahead for success. The same should also be true for our town's development, which is exactly what Jim Kennelly's focus has been during his successful six years of service on Fairfield's Town Plan and Zoning Commission.

I have known Jim Kennelly for many years and he is extremely bright, with a unique depth of thought and genuine vision. Jim's motto of "Strong neighborhoods equal strong property values" is the right approach in advancing the goal of advancing Fairfield as a place in which people and businesses would choose to locate to work and live.

Jim has a strong background and education for this service, having been a member of the American Planning Association and having completed UConn programs designed for municipal planning officials. He also is a founding member of Fairfielders Protecting Land And Neighborhoods (FPLAN) and the Stratfield Village Association.

Please join me in voting for Jim Kennelly on Election Day.

Tom Drew


The writer is a former state representative.