State Rep. Brenda Kupchick has been working hard during her first term to listen and learn from her constituents through email newsletters, town hall meetings, and most importantly, by being the legislator on our corner.

Brenda works hard to solve problems, whether it is the fact that the economy is stuck and the values of our homes have taken huge hits, or taxes are up and wages are down and we are all hurting at the check-out aisles, or the coyote problem that threatens or pets and children.

Who else is listening to us? It's certainly not the unbalanced Connecticut state legislature up in Hartford. It swings too far in one direction.

Brenda Kupchick is a breath of fresh air, a no-nonsense, straight-talking woman who is willing to go to battle for us to change the way government is operating. Those of us who know Brenda know she will continue work hard to reshape how our state government operates and work on issues that are important to my neighbors and me.

I hope you in the 132nd District will join me Nov. 6 in voting for Brenda Kupchick, "Our Neighborhood Rep."

Sarah Ellis