The choice for who represents Fairfield's 132nd Congressional District couldn't be clearer. That choice is Republican Brenda Kupchick.

First of all, she is doing an excellent job. She is a tireless worker who supports small business growth. She is independent minded, yet open and approachable and willing to listen to both sides of an issue. In her two years of service, she has learned the job well and earned the respect of colleagues from both sides of the aisle. Those qualities alone should be important enough to warrant her re-election as our state representative.

But there is a far more important reason to re-elect Rep. Kupchick. The alternative is to elect yet another Democrat rubber stamp for Governor Molloy. This is the last thing that Fairfield (or for that matter the State of Connecticut,) needs right now ... another Democrat beholden to the Governor and his runaway tax-and-spend machine.

We must have an independent voice in Hartford. Who better to provide that than Brenda Kupchick.

On election day, say "no" to another Democrat rubber stamp in Hartford and re-elect Brenda Kupchick.

William A. Domeika