I had the privilege of working with Brenda Kupchick for six years when we both served in town government. Brenda was on the RTM, then the Board of Education, and I was a member of the Board of Selectman for four of those six years. She served the town with a dedication that surpassed almost anyone I met, and she continues to do so today as the State Representative for the 132nd District.

However, what I want people to know about is what Brenda is like as a friend. Life over the past decade has been a difficult road for many of us. For me and others, Brenda is like a shining beacon to those who call her "friend." She is always there to offer great, common sense advice, give a pat on the shoulder, listen or simply laugh, yes laugh at my jokes.

I can honestly tell you that while there are many whom I have worked with professionally and I respect, there are none like Brenda. She is honest, kind and loyal ... and well, darn it, people just simply like her. That quality is something to consider when you go to the polls this November to select who will represent you. Ask yourself, are they likeable? The answer to this is important, because like any other good trait, it speaks of a rare ability to empathize, and that is the key to serving the people.

Steve Elworthy