Recently, First Selectman Mike Tetreau accepted Richard Saxl's resignation as town attorney, explaining that Saxl had "lost credibility" in his eyes because of Saxl's conduct concerning the Metro Station project. Finally, we thought, there was a glimmer of hope that we had elected someone who would restore good government and transparency in our town.

Sad to say, that glimmer of hope was dashed completely by Tetreau's appointment of Stanton Lesser as our new Town Attorney.

It was common knowledge to everyone in town who followed the Metro station mess that Lesser was hand-picked by former First Selectman Flatto and Saxl to be chairman of the Conservation Commission, despite the facts he had never served on the commission and that chairmen had historically succeeded to that office only after serving for years on the commission.

It soon became obvious that Lesser was appointed to support Flatto and Saxl in whatever machinations they were to employ to keep Conservation Director Thomas Steinke and his department staff off of this contaminated site. Since 2008, we have outlined the long litany of those machinations, and nowhere in that litany has there been any evidence that Lesser ever made the slightest attempt to disassociate himself from the conduct of Flatto and Saxl. In fact, Lesser's conduct of meetings on key Metro issues was outrageous, making it blatantly clear that he was there to do the bidding of Flatto and Saxl.

If Tetreau is the only one in the town of Fairfield who is unaware of Lesser's complicity in the conduct of Flatto and Saxl, then we must seriously question his competence to head our town government. If he knew about Lesser's complicity with Flatto and Saxl and still appointed him to be Town Attorney, then he has surely lost credibility in the eyes of all of us who hoped we had seen the last of such people being appointed to town offices.

There were certainly many competent attorneys untainted by the Metro station debacle from whom Tetreau could have selected a worthy town attorney who would inspire our confidence. Instead, Tetreau displayed poor judgment in appointing a commission chairman who helped block the commission's own staff from its normal oversight duties for the pastfour years.

Since Blackrock Realty was the primary beneficiary of Flatto's and Saxl's mishandling of the Metro project, we must now wonder how Town Attorney Lesser will address the issues that will surely surround Blackrock Realty's private development. Will Blackrock Realty be allowed to continue enriching itself at town expense?

Fairfield citizens have been long suffering in bearing the financial burdens foisted on them by official misconduct on the Metro project. For Tetreau to appoint someone who was complicit in that conduct to the key post of town attorney displays a total disrespect for the good people of Fairfield who had a right to expect more from him.

Will the arrogance of power in our Town never end?

Edward J. Bateson 3rd

Alexis P. Harrison