This is in response to Donan Meyer's Sept. 27 letter, "Do something about nonresidents at beaches."

Wait until you move from Fairfield, say to a neighboring town like Trumbull, which has no beach access. If Fairfield were to follow your advice, you couldn't obtain a beach pass.

I was a Fairfield resident for several years, living one mile from Penfield Beach. When we moved to Newtown, what I missed most was the beach. Finding I was able to obtain a nonresident beach pass, though not cheap, has given me endless hours of relaxation at the beautiful Fairfield beaches.

The nonresident beach passes and the daily parking fees are generating substantial revenue for the Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department.

And finally, they just built a beautiful playground on Penfield Beach honoring one of the beautiful angels lost from my town of Newtown. If you have your way, none of the children from Newtown will get to laugh and play on this playground during the summer because they would be nonresidents.

Kathi Raftery