Letter: Let's have some perspective

Let’s have some perspective

To the Editor:

iPhone social distancing, flatten the curve, shelter in place, remote learning. I think I speak for more then just myself that I have pretty much had it with all these fatuous euphemisms. I find them more painful than the China Covid Flu itself.

It has been reported that approximately 10,000 fatalities have taken place within the past month. Let’s have some perspective. In one month worldwide there are approximately 1.5 million deaths due to heart disease. There are just under 1 million deaths per month due to cancer. And somewhere around 560,000 deaths due to drug abuse. I get it this virus is contagious. But so is ignorance and lack of thought. We have all seen that recently.

Even the fallacious argument that surrounds the naming of the flu makes me roll my eyes. How could anyone possibly arrive at the conclusion that the naming of this virus is racial or directed at anything other than simply putting a reference point on the issue?Remember MERS, That was Middle East respiratory syndrome. For that matter, how about Lou Gehrig’s disease? Or Legionnaires disease? Is anyone offended there?

Will there be more cases of this virus? Will there be more fatalities? Of course. Should we be flippant about people losing their lives? Absolutely not. But we must remember not to lose our lives. And always stand for in this brief moment of uncertainty. All these circumstances right now may not be tractable. But what does remain tacit, is our own personal domain over our behavior. If you watch the media, whether it be cable TV, Internet postings, or even some pathetic Facebook notes, you will find that there is very little consistency in the reporting of what is going on. That fact alone, should be enough to tell us all that fear mongering is present. I am not trying to say there is no legitimacy at all in what is being decimated, but it certainly is not something to go to the bank with. Make proper decisions, alter a few of your habits. And all will be well. If you behave otherwise there is no benefit.

Joseph Miro