Have you met Sheila Marmion? Sheila stepped into the position of selectman when Cristin McCarthy Vahey became our assemblywoman. Since then, Sheila has, in her quiet but decisive way, continued to work for the betterment of the town of Fairfield.

Sheila uses her experience as a member of the RTM from 2009-14 to help her constituents retain:

Their quality of life in a town that retains its AAA rating.

A top-quality school system.

Quality community services like the libraries and senior center.

Mike Tetreau and Sheila Marmion as a team gave us the lowest four-year tax increase in 15 years.

They need our vote to continue this work. I urge you to vote for the Tetreau/Marmion team in November.

Khorshed E. Randeria