Every recent Republican Presidential candidate has been fabulously rich. Both Bushes were born wealthy. McCain couldn't even remember how many houses he owned. And Romney, born rich, got richer by abusing "insider" rules that allowed him to win even when the companies he bought went bankrupt and thousands lost their jobs. He is so rich he even has a car elevator in one of his mansions. Romney's Mercedes got the elevator while his workers got the shaft.

Here in Connecticut, Republicans selected morally bankrupt millionaire Linda McMahon, over the infinitely more qualified Christopher Shays, because they figure she can become our next Senator by drowning Democrat Chris Murphy in negative ads. How can the Republican "values voters" overlook McMahon's ill-gotten fortune obtained in professional wrestling -- "entertainment" awash in steroids which glorifies violence to a pornographic extent? Entertainment so shameful that her campaign is actively deleting wrestling videos from YouTube that are too racy.

"Linda" wants to become a Senator so she can vote herself another huge tax cut. Her own proposal cuts her income taxes by $15,000 a year. And if she can somehow extend the Bush tax cuts she'll keep an additional $7 million. What's good for Linda is lousy for the middle class. It's also selfish!

Selfish millionaires like Linda don't want to pay their fair share of taxes and that means two things. First, to pay for Linda's tax cuts we won't be able to pay for the two wars we've fought or the Medicare drug bill that the Republicans passed. Second, to pay for Linda's tax cuts she'll cut investments in the middle class like college loans, necessary infrastructure spending, and clean energy while gutting regulations.

Chris Murphy is a proven progressive who'll do what's right for Connecticut. "Linda" will do what's right for Linda and her millionaire friends. Vote for Chris Murphy.

Tom Croarkin