McMahon can't escape

degradation of women

One of the Beatle's many hits was "Money Can't Buy Me Love."

In this campaign cycle, while Linda McMahon throws millions into her senate campaign to get her message out, we all need to know and remember the message (and images) she put out while running World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., making millions and millions of dollars doing it.

Before the onset of her first campaign, her husband took over as CEO. Together their family has 96 percent of the voting power in WWE, according to Wikipedia.

A few years ago, when our grandson was an adolescent, he spent many weekends with us. My husband always tried to find activities for them to do. In summers, they went boating, fished and swam; in winters, they went skiing and watched sports.

Then one day my grandson asked if they could go to Harbor Yard to see a "production" of WWE wrestling that a friend had told him about. After that, he began watching it on TV.

After a while, the inappropriateness of the role of the women climbing into Linda's wrestling ring made us very uncomfortable. While it was at once a curiosity for my grandson and embarrassing for my husband and me, it made clear that whoever the CEO of this company was, was heavily invested in not only violent play, but more horrendous, belittling females before a young audience.

Linda McMahon now goes on record as saying she cares about women and the roles they play. Really?

She still ferociously profits from women being belittled on her stage in the wrestling arena.

Are we to believe she has had an epiphany? I guess now that women's issues are a huge topic in the political arena, she is suddenly standing up for women's rights and equality like nobody's business. First she isn't, and then she is. Sound familiar?

I have spoken to someone who has met her on the campaign trail. The person said she is a very warm and nice person. She may be. Why wouldn't she be?

The millions that she pours into her campaign does not change who she is or what she will allow for her family's huge wrestling empire to profit from.

She should not be elected to the senate. She will continue to allow women to be treated as second class citizens.

And so, as aptly suggested in the Beatle's "Money Can't Buy Me Love," Linda's money cannot buy our vote.

As a fun aside, you can listen and watch it sung on YouTube.


Susan Hersh