The Democrats who keep yammering that Republicans in Fairfield do not support education in our town might wish to look at the Board of Education's 5-4 vote in late June that extended School Superintendent David Title's contract for three more years and handed him a big fat raise, too.

One Republican and four Democrats made up the slim majority of five on the board, handing Title the sweetheart deal. These folks make no secret of their belief that their board, although elected by the people of Fairfield, is only there to give the superintendent his every request. They do not see the board as his boss, as the Connecticut General Statutes empowers it to be.

Three Republicans and one Democrat voted against the deal. All of them cited a variety of disparate reasons for their votes. The most-cited reason was the need for better outcomes and performance in our schools. The second citation was that Title's compensation package was already competitive in the marketplace and, therefor, more than fair.

It does appear to be true that more and more Republicans in elected office in Fairfield are trying to hold the line on spending everywhere in town. It also seems to be true that some are now even looking for better outcomes and better performance from the well compensated managers charged with doing the spending. Thankfully, once a and while a Fairfield Democrat even joins in on the call for responsible spending -- even when it comes to the education line.

The quality and efficacy of our town-government services should be measured by outcomes and performance. Spending is only the means to that end. Unfortunately, while some in town understand that, others do not.

Jim Brown