The only justification for a traffic light on Mill Plain Road at the entrance to the Parks and Recreation Department seems to be that "there has always been a traffic light here."

In fact, this light hardly meets state Department of Transportation recommendations for a signal at that location. Traffic in the direction of the recreation offices is about one car per hour; hundreds of cars per hour go in the other direction.

The history of this light is that it once let traffic exit the Exide battery factory, which was closed and razed many years ago.

This light causes constant delays and backups for cars using Mill Plain Road to get to and from the Post Road. Motorists sit waiting on Mill Plain as the intersection sits empty. Some unfortunate drivers have missed their trains at the nearby station because they had to senselessly wait for the green light.

I'm not against the recreation offices having good access by car. It is just that this traffic light, as configured, is not helping anyone. Perhaps there could be a motion detector there on the recreation department side. Or a couple of stop signs at recreation and Ludlowe Road, which would work also.

John David