The citizens of Fairfield and especially the neighbors were all witnesses to the reopening of the newly constructed Fairfield I-95 rest stop areas in late winter.

Despite numerous meetings over the past two years, protest rallies by concerned citizens, many op-ed letters to the local media and even TV coverage, Project Services LLC, and especially the Connecticut Department of Transportation have done absolutely nothing in the way of safety barriers. Hence, there is nothing to shield the neighbors and three surrounding schools in which the students are now vulnerable to potential crime.

We all vividly remember how one trucker decided to take it upon himself to use the facilities at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. Likewise, the Fairfield Audubon Birdcraft Museum, which hosts thousands of schoolchildren each year, will continue to be subjected to increased air pollution also jeopardizing their bird population.

It is quite unbelievable that a project of this scope and nature in the middle of a densely populated area, surrounded by three schools and the Birdcraft Museum, unlike any other service plaza in Connecticut, would be built with no safety barriers.

Much of the blame for this total neglect rests with the Connecticut Department of Transportation for their apathy and neglect. It is a travesty to the democratic process that the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Project Services LLC have ignored the concerns of so many citizens of Fairfield, and the bitter taste of this issue shall remain in our mouths for many years to come.

Faith A. Ricciotti