At the Aug. 13 Town Plan and Zoning Commission meeting, I spoke on behalf of my constituents in opposition to the proposed Tuller Road housing project.

Traffic concerns became a primary issue at this meeting, and existing problems with Fairfield Woods Road were at the forefront of this conversation. The Tuller proposal would add another road called Tuller School Road, which would connect to Tuller Road, which funnels into the already busy Fairfield Woods Road, which crosses town and connects the Stratfield communities with Black Rock Turnpike.

Anyone who travels Fairfield Woods Road in the morning knows that any additional incoming traffic will be stretching the limits of the road and add to the already slow cross-town drive. The backup from Stratfield to the stop sign at Moorehouse Road is long and winding everyday, and people who have to exit side streets are at the mercy of motorists to let them enter.

To add to the daily congestion on Fairfield Woods Road, the light at the Fairfield Woods Library has been broken for years. This is one reason, former Department of Public Works PW Director Richard White sited for traffic problems on Fairfield Woods. Motorists who drive this route know how long it takes the light to change. When school is in session the majority of parents and teachers from Jennings Elementary School and Fairfield Woods Middle School experience the daily frustrations brought on by the faulty intersection. Why has this light remained broken for so many years? The previous Representative Town Meeting voted down funding for a new light and crosswalk lights that would have helped ease the traffic congestion our side of town faces daily.

In my opinion, adding more homes with more cars is not the answer for alleviating traffic on Fairfield Woods Road. The TPZ should reject the current proposal and link any future development on the land to the long awaited upgrades to the intersections along Fairfield Woods Road so we can all cross town with a little more ease.

Jay Wolk

RTM District 6