Regarding the court-ruled "illegally passed" RTM redistricting plan: Hey, this is what the GOP (Gerrymander Or Perish) is doing all over the country. In many cases, it's the only way they can win. The only way they can survive. To cheat. To rig the system in their favor. To strip citizens of their right to vote. To make the votes of opposing majorities largely inconsequential.

I thought Fairfield was better than this, that our Republicans were above the kind the voter suppression and gerrymandering being wrought in GOP-controlled state legislatures like Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. But not one Republican RTM member even questioned or voted against the chicanery their party was trying to pull on the town? Not one had the courage or honesty to object to the unfairness and error-ridden process?

Do any of you wish to apologize or censure yourselves for what you tried to do? Or are you all just going to quietly and cravenly hope this gets lost in the inattention of summer and pretend it never happened?

Jerry McTigue