RTM member Bill Perugini has proven to be an asset to our town, and a true representative of the people in the district he serves. In an era where “politics as usual” is fast becoming unpopular on a national level, Bill is a fine example of what I would like to call “the new breed of politician.” This “new breed” operates and functions based on truth, facts and figures, personal meetings with constituents, rather than simply voting the “party line” or supporting one’s own personal views.

So often a seasoned politician will run on a platform to get elected, only to change his/her view after winning office. It is refreshing to see someone like Bill, who takes a deep dive into issues he is asked to opine on, and seek out the facts involved in the decision-making process, formulate an opinion and stick to it. Bill has served on several town and state committees over the years, and has gained the respect of many for his honesty and integrity. In my opinion, town government needs more people like Bill Perugini, who exhibit these qualities.

Ian Bass