Voting in the Republican Primary on April 24 was a bit of a chore.

Arriving at the back of Fairfield Ludlowe High School, where I had entered to vote in the past, I found no polling place.

I called town hall, and the registrar of voters told me the polling place was moved to another part of the school.

The reason for the move, I was told, is that school was in session. It seems to me that we often have voted while school was in session. In any event, I was sent on a hunt with genuine clues.

Fairfield Ludlowe High School is big!

My instructions were to park in the parking lot, head for the tennis courts, then join the sidewalk and look for signs for voting. That worked ... sort of. Once I found the door labeled "Voting," I went inside and followed more signs. I followed them down hallways and made turns.

Keeping a sharp eye out left and right, I spotted the door to the gym only slightly after passing it. Once I entered the polling place, all I could say was; "I found it!"

None of the poll attendants smiled at my joy of finally being able to vote, even though I was the only voter in the place.

Why do we make voting in a primary so hard?

David Faile