To the Editor:

Elizabeth Ann Thompson’s apologia (“Why I sit in protest with Kaepernick,” Sept. 3) does nothing to exonerate Colin Kaepernick for his disrespect for our flag.

Whatever point he is trying to make is discredited by the way he is making it.

If he wants to stand or sit or make any statement, he can do it on his own time as a private citizen.

That is his right as an American.

But when he is being paid handsomely under a contract he signed to wear a uniform and play football, then he needs to behave accordingly, just like everyone else in this country has to do when they are on the clock.

What Colin is doing is flaunting his sense of his self importance, that he can insult the country of the fans who pay his salary, that he can get away with actions the rest of us can’t.

Colin wants to foist his politics on us in an arena we want insulated from political turmoil. Unless he apologizes to the fans and stands up from now on, Kaepernick should be fired and banned from the NFL.

If his precedent is allowed to stand, what happens when other players show up with “Blue Lives Matter” towels, sporting Trump stickers, or wearing Hillary socks? How long before fans start tossing whatever they have at him in an expression of their political views?

Kaepernick is a spoiled millionaire. Don’t let him spoil the game.

Ira Robbin