Parks and Recreation Commissioner Greg Alprin’s recent letter to the editor is nothing less than a veiled attempt to damage the reputation and long-term record of support by RTM Republicans for education in our town.

Let’s be clear: Commissioner Alprin’s words are the type of mean-spirited rhetoric that turns people off to volunteering to run for local office.

At this point, we need to move beyond the name calling and have an honest debate about the issues facing our town and state. I stand behind the votes that RTM Republicans took this budget cycle as I do not believe it is appropriate for Hartford to solve its spending problems on the backs of Fairfield taxpayers.

I thank my colleagues from across the aisle, including Minority Leader Phil Pires, Deputy Minority Leader Julie Gottlieb and the entire Democratic caucus for joining with us to fully support this year’s town and education budget.

As we move forward, it is my sincere hope that Commissioner Alprin will stick to the facts in his future missives to the press. And who knows, as a District 10 voter, perhaps he will consider seeking the Democratic nomination to run for the RTM in November 2017. This is particularly important since the Democratic Town Committee, under the tutelage of its former Chairwoman Heather Dean, chose not to run any candidates in RTM Districts 10 and 1 this past election cycle, denying voters a “choice” in the Greenfield Hill, Southport, Sasco Hill and Pine Creek sections of town.

With much respect for the citizens of Fairfield,

Michael D. Herley

District 10

Fairfield Representative Town Meeting