I'd like to thank the six fellow RTM members who have been working hard towards a voters' redistricting plan. It must be fair and equitable regarding representation, and they are taking their task seriously. Representation is serious business; it's what our country is based upon.

By reducing the number of districts from 10 to eight -- thereby increasing the number of voters in each district from 6,000 to 7,500 -- as some plans suggest, would be a 25 percent increase in voters per district. That's huge. If we reduce the number of districts, we have watered down our representation. It's that simple.

After reading and listening to what's been discussed to date, it's clear that by tweaking some boundary lines of the 10 existing districts, as recommended by the registrars' office, it would meet the needs of Fairfield voters and representatives mutually. The good people of Fairfield deserve to have RTM members who live in their neighborhoods.

Heather Dean, RTM District 4