In a recent letter to the editor, Democrat Parks and Recreation Commissioner Greg Alprin tried to imply that “elected Republicans” are not “champions of education in this town.”

Really, Commissioner Alprin? Contrary to your politically charged allegation, nothing could be further from the truth. You call out RTM representatives McCarthy, Herley, Bateson, Neuberger and me (by the way it’s Iacono, not Iocono). While each of us at one time or another have voted to throttle back education spending increases to temper tax increases, we have never reduced education spending below the previous year. Moreover, for the second consecutive year, the RTM Republican majority voted to approve the BOE budget as proposed with no reductions at all.

This hardly makes any of us anti-education. I personally spent five years as a member of the Board of Education, “championing public education.” I am a founding member of the Fairfield School Space Coalition, a bi-partisan group that champions funding for appropriate public school facilities.

This past fall, Reps. Bateson and Herley in their capacities as majority and deputy majority leaders led the Republican RTM majority in a townwide call to fully support the expansion of Holland Hill School to a capacity of 504 students to avoid potential redistricting. Reps. McCarthy and Neuberger wholeheartedly agreed with that sentiment. Rep. Neuberger even attended a Holland Hill PTA meeting to publicly express his support.

Rep. Bateson has also been a leading advocate in trying to connect the Osborn Hill School annex to the main building, and Rep. Herley was a vocal supporter of the all-access and sensory-input playground that was built at the Early Childhood Center a few years back. We all have, had, or will have children who attended Fairfield public schools.

Your accusation that “elected Republicans” are “anti-education” is nothing less than blatant political bashing that accomplishes nothing for the citizens of Fairfield, and is one of the reasons the nation is experiencing a huge backlash against establishment politicians.

Lastly, you cite Selectmen McArdle and Tymniak’sreduction to the education budget increase at the Board of Selectman meeting, but what you conveniently left out of your statement is that First Selectman Mike Tetreau voted lock-step with Selectmen McArdle and Tymniak to cut education spending. Is Mr. Tetreau anti-education, too?

Pamela Iacono


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