With state and federal elections upon us, I think it is timely to review last spring's RTM vote to cut the Board of Education budget request by $500,000. I believe I am but one of many parents who feel frustrated by the RTM's shortchanging of our excellent schools. After a wonderful six years at Osborn Hill, I am proud to have a sixth grader at Fairfield Woods, recently selected as a Spotlight School by the New England League of Middle Schools.

I am deeply disappointed in my RTM District 8 representatives who voted to cut the education budget -- Republicans Kathryn Braun, Thomas McCarthy and Jeffrey Melaragno. Their votes came even after the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance had made reasonable reductions and following many letters and statements by constituents in support of the budget.

It is also disappointing that our Republican state representatives from Fairfield (Brenda Kupchick, 132nd District, and Tony Hwang), 134th District, voted in the last legislative session to cut $6 million from state education funds designated for local communities, including Fairfield. Thankfully, their votes were in the minority.

Votes tell the story of where our representatives really stand on the issues. It won't be until 2015 that we have a chance to vote again for our RTM members, but I know I will not forget what happened this spring, and I urge other Fairfield families to hold those votes in their memory. We then can decide who will best represent us in the future.

Polly Cromwell