During the time I have been privileged to serve on the Fairfield Representative Town Meeting, I have tried to move beyond partisan agendas and work with members of both parties for the good of Fairfield. I continue to believe that, whether or not I agree with them, most members of our elected bodies are voting in what they truly believe is the best interest of our town.

However, at this moment, our legislative body, led by Republicans, has not acted in the best interests of Fairfield. The Republican majority, voting almost always in unison, has cut funding to pave our streets, pay our town's vital employees, keep libraries open full time, and educate our children to get into good colleges and build careers.

The Republicans also claim to have reduced a proposed 6.4 percent tax increase to about 2 percent, when in fact, through continuous negotiation, it was our Democratic First Selectman who was able to significantly cut the proposed increase before it even reached the Board of Finance, and more before it reached RTM.

It is important to keep taxes reasonable today. It is equally important to lay the foundation for reasonable taxes next year and in 10 years. We don't do that by letting our infrastructure crumble.

I believe in thoughtful decisions, based on adequate information. I believe in the rule of law, and in civil discourse. I believe our Democratic RTM candidates can restore responsible, balanced leadership. Join me to elect a Democratic RTM on Nov. 5.

Ann Stamler

RTM District 5