It has been several months since the RTM voted to cut the Board of Education budget, but honestly, I'm still mad and feeling disheartened. I'm not a politician, and I have no hidden agenda. I'm just a wife and mother of two young, school-age children who moved from the chaos of New York City seven years ago hoping to plant roots and raise a family here. Fairfield seemed like such a perfect place to do that -- reasonable home prices, reasonable taxes and excellent public schools.

I was never really active in the goings-on in town government, but when it was brought to light that the quality of my children's education was being threatened, it was a wakeup call. I rallied with my fellow parents and education supporters, wrote to the school board and and the RTM and attended meetings. I was the voice for my children.Yet, despite our efforts, many members of the RTM voted to cut the education budget anyway.

My children asked, "Mommy, why didn't they listen? Why did they want to take away money from our schools?" Well, my heart just broke, and I promised myself that I would not be apathetic about what went on in our town any longer. So I write this now to urge everyone not to forget what happened during that vote and to hold those who slashed our kids' education budget accountable next year in the municipal election.

Bonnie Liang