Today, I have seen the "Belly of the Fairfield Board of Education Beast."

It resides at Fairfield Woods Middle School as part of an elaborate addition. Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in gleaming copper. Much like viewing Bigfoot, you must behold the sight before you can believe it.

Each year, the Board of Education appears before the Board of Finance and the RTM to justify an increase to its budget. After the school budget was cut last year, school advocates managed to have a referendum (more tax dollars spent) on restoring the cut. The standard retort to anyone who questions the education budget is that any cut will "adversely affect the education of our children."

This school addition currently stands as a gleaming copper monument of excess for all to see. I would like any Board of Education member who approved this beast to explain how copper siding and roofing improves our student's ability to achieve.

I used to think that the now-rotted cedar planking under the windows at Ludlowe Middle School was a testament to the board's disrespectful use of tax dollars. This deliberate misuse of our money is a prime example of a broken and clearly malfunctioning government entity.

Donald R. Kleber