I have an uncanny knack for predicting the weather. I watch in on the local news.

The fact that Fairfield schools opened and remained open for a full day during Tuesday's storm was downright idiotic beyond comprehension. And clearly, School Superintendent David Title can't comprehend the potential dangers that snow and ice could impose on our kids and everyone involved with our schools..

According to Fairfield's Board of Education policy: "Closing of schools, late opening, or early dismissal for inclement weather or emergency conditions will be decided by the Superintendent of Schools."

Dr. Title, did you think about how school buses, car pick-ups and icy roads don't mix?

Did you think about kids being dropped off at bus stops and walking home in sub freezing weather during the heavy snowstorm?

Did you think about walkers? The dangers that cars could pose on slippery roads? Our teachers and school staffers who drive to their homes well outside of Fairfield? Unplowed side streets? The safety of bus drivers and crossing guards?

In short, did you just plain think?

Unfortunately, I'm growing numb by your continued inexplicable short-sightedness regarding decision making of this kind.

But probably not as numb as our kids coming home during a winter storm.

Rick Morgan