I grew up in Fairfield and choose to raise my own children here. My wife and I own and operate a small carpet business and a small farm.

Our state representative, Brenda Kupchick understands the pressures that I face as a small business owner because Brenda is a small business owner.

Brenda has been working during the last year and half in Hartford to lessen the burdens on small business owners here in Fairfield and across the state.

Brenda worked to include small business initiatives in the jobs bill that was passed last year. This year, Brenda sent a survey out to every business owner in Fairfield and established a business council made up of a cross section of businesses in Fairfield. It will provide specific feedback for legislation proposed in 2013 that would make it easier to start and grow our businesses and lessen unnecessary burdensome regulations.

Very few small business owners serve in the legislature, and I personally like having Brenda Kupchick representing me.

Small business is the lifeblood of Connecticut's economy. It is the positive source of new jobs that employ people. Small businesses help balance our taxes and grow our economy. But Gov. Malloy has been giving huge amounts of money to big companies while small businesses are all but forgotten.

Our government should be working overtime to make Connecticut the most business-friendly state in the country. Instead, Connecticut is ranked near the bottom for being business-friendly -- 45th out of 50 states.

We need a voice in Hartford to represent those of us who supply 70 percent of the jobs in Connecticut.

Brenda Kupchick is that voice.

Wyatt Whiteman