It's shameful that Connecticut's supposed strict gun control laws are a myth and a flawed, pathetic, feckless failure, starting with the exceptions and loopholes in the semi-automatic and assault weapons ban.

Here's the sad picture: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence regularly issues a scorecard ranking states on the basis of their laws to prevent gun violence, with 100 being the top score. California ranks No. 1 with a score of 81, following by New Jersey, 72; Massachusetts, 65; and New York, 62. Connecticut is next, with the sorry score of 58. That's an "F".

Our state legislators, and governor, have been shaken and shocked into re-examining our weak gun control laws. It will be "all eyes on Connecticut" throughout the world when they do. It would be unacceptable, and an embarrassment if, in the memory of the Newtown 26, Connecticut doesn't enact the tightest gun control laws in the nation. There's no excuse, no reason, that Connecticut shouldn't proudly become the state with the "gold-standard" of gun control laws. Anything less would be insulting. Let's all demand speedy action, leadership and courage from our legislators. And let's make special note of those state legislators who stand in the way of repairing Connecticut's gun control failures.

Richard Ross