I want to thank all the people who contacted me in person and by phone concerning my letter criticizing First Selectman Michael Tetreau over the $10 fee for use of beach and dump stickers ["Beach fees for seniors show lack of respect," June 27].

My letter generated a response from Ellery E. Plotkin, chairman of the Fairfield Parks and Recreation Commission, in which he said the fee was originated by the commission ["Mistaken letter writer owes Tetreau an apology," July 6]. He states, "... many seniors had multiple cars registered in their name, and were therefor receiving multiple free beach stickers and the commission was faced with balancing issues of fairness to the community as a whole."

I assume Mr. Plotkin believes that some seniors are abusing the system, and therefore, his committee and the first selectman decided to charge all seniors for possible abuse by a few. At least I appreciate that some members of the board agreed with me because there was not a unanimous vote on this issue.

(I cannot imagine grandpa and grandma going to the beach in different cars on the same day and taking away parking from younger residents.)

Since the board's eight members are appointed by the first selectman, I would think he has imput over this decision. So again, I blame Mike Tetreau, since he agreed to this fee. His decision would be detrimental to his political future, and that's a good thing.

Even though I disagree with the board's decision concerning this matter, along with the devastation of confiscating Gould Manor Park [for a Little League field], I do appreciate the board members taking their valuable time for all of Fairfield.

Stuart C. Anderson