I am asking for your support to elect Mike Tetreau for first selectman and Sheila Marmion for selectwoman.

Mr. Tetreau has served for the past four years as our first selectman, managing our town’s business with an eye to the future and how we can provide quality services at the most economical price to the taxpayer. Sheila Marmion has supported his work while serving on the RTM.

Mike Tetreau has kept tax increases to a minimum and they are currently at a 15-year low. Equally important, Mike Tetreau has done this without compromising town services or using funds from our town’s savings account to achieve these lower tax increases.

This responsible management has allowed Fairfield to maintain its AAA bond rating, which allows Fairfield to borrow at the best market rates, when borrowing is necessary. This is not the case in other Connecticut towns where leaders borrow from the town’s savings account, resulting in higher taxes for the future.

Mike’s cautious and conservative fiscal approach is and what I expect from our government leaders. Fairfield needs to continue to build upon the good work Mike Tetreau has done by sending him back to the job of first selectman. Please join with me on Nov. 3 and vote for Mike Tetreau and Sheila Marmion.

Catherine Albin