It is important that the Fairfield Board of Education has members who will be able to step up and face situations head-on, which is why I am voting for Marc Patten on Nov. 5.

Marc is a current RTM member, former PTA Executive Board member, a parent and taxpayer. He has learned, through his roles as both North Stratfield School's Board of Education and budget representatives, as well as his participation as a member of the school board's Mission and Goals Policy Review Advisory Committee, how the board works, and he has many great ideas as to how it can move forward and solve the problems that our school system faces today.

He would reach out to the other town bodies, many of which he already has worked with through his time on the RTM, and he would encourage the board to communicate more openly with the community. As vice chairman for the past two years of the RTM Senior and Disabled Tax Relief Committee, Marc understands residents' concerns about affordability, and he would work to adopt a budget that is lean and responsible, but also one able to deliver a strong curriculum to our children.

Please join us in supporting Marc Patten for the Board of Education.

Nick and Jennifer Novia