I am supporting Matt Waggner in the Democratic primary for state representative in the 133rd District.

I know no one with greater knowledge or understanding of Connecticut's government, issues, problems and opportunities.

And Matt weds this knowledge with advocacy. One look at his website, www.MattWaggner.com, will give you an idea of just how hard he has been working to help solve problems and open up opportunities in Connecticut, not with bland repetition of failed attempts of the past but with new, vibrant ideas.

I support Matt because he has vision. He is not content to rehash old arguments and support tried-and-failed measures again and again. Rather -- for education, tax reform, jobs, a living wage, retirement, the environment -- Matt is not just mouthing the vague old mantras of support but actually coming up with new ideas that will make a difference.

Further, Matt has reached out to groups throughout our state, convincing them with common sense, political savvy, and the ability to reach beyond old assumptions and conclusions to form new plans for the future to help all citizens of Connecticut. The Working Families Party, Democracy for America, and the AFL-CIO are among the many groups who support Matt's ideas and initiatives to put CT back to work -- at a fair and sustainable wage.

Matt has developed critical alliances within the Democratic Party, but he's also not afraid to defy the party at times, too. This year he spoke out at Board of Education meetings to restore programs cut in the past, while his opponents cut further. Matt has developed a way to fund education without driving seniors' tax burdens higher --indeed to reverse that trend.

I encourage you to look at Matt's website and consider his ideas, plans, and commitment.

Carlisle Spivey, member

Fairfield Democratic Town Committee