District 4: Please join me in voting for RTM candidate Bill Gerber on Nov. 5. When Bill announced his candidacy, I was delighted. An involved Fairfield resident of 17 years, Bill would be an excellent representative.

He already has proven himself to be dedicated to town issues, interested in hearing what everyone he may represent has to say, for instance: hearing people's concerns regarding overcrowding in the town and being a clear and rational voice at Town Plan and Zoning Commission meetings on building issues.

Bill is invested in intelligent spending of our tax dollars. He has paid extremely close attention to the district's budget process for many years and has a sound understanding of the way that each of the town bodies works through the process.

With international experience in accounting and the insurance industry, he has extensive experience developing and reviewing budgets, expense controls and investment cost/benefit analyses. He faces issues with intelligence and level-headedly works to be sure he has all of the facts on a matter. Bill enthusiastically seeks out bipartisan opinions and works to take everyone's voice into account. He listens closely, stays involved, and will certainly make decisions that are in the best interest of our town and his constituents.

Michelle Baker