TFairfield has three private golf country clubs and another private beach club. If they were taxed on their true market value, we could all have our residential taxes lowered. Why should the citizens of this town subsidize these private clubs?

Fairfield Beach Club comprises 4.7 acres. An open space assessment of $1,750 per acre (which is 70 percent of an appraised value of $2,500 per acre) is granted on two of the 4.7 acres. The Country Club of Fairfield comprises of 143-plus acres. The aggregate assessment is $250,000 or $1,750 per acre assessed.

Most assessors base the current use value of unimproved golf-course land on the recommended value of land used to grow tobacco.

Again I ask you, are the taxpayers of Fairfield subsidizing these private clubs? I think the answer is yes.

Joan Fortuna