Letter: Tetreau, Marmion best to deal with town problems

Fairfield deserves better than having two candidates who don't know even know the answers to the issues they have raised. The Penfield Building Committee has been meeting with all due diligence since December 2013 and has reported back periodically to the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Finance and the RTM. Most of those meetings have been on FairTV and can be accessed by computer. In addition, the PBC meeting minutes are available online.

The goal of the PBC was to choose a plan that would serve the users while minimizing the amount of costs to the taxpayers by seeking all available funding. The process is still ongoing. The leadership and attention to detail by the volunteer committee of nine has been nothing less than exemplary.

Regarding the Metro Center restrooms, it is up to the state to complete that aspect of the project. The town is waiting for the developer to present a viable plan to the zoning board. A modification of the original application was not acceptable to the Town Plan and Zoning members who are elected volunteers.

Similarly, two alternative proposed uses of the former Stratfield Market have failed to materialize. And, yes, the Community Theater sits vacant. Its future is in the hands of the property owner, not the town.

Fairfield deserves better informed candidates. For this reason, I am supporting the Tetreau/Marmion ticket whose goal is to keep taxes low while supporting our quality of life. I urge you to do the same.

Selina Strong