Our town is very fortunate to have a team of experienced candidates who wish to continue to serve the citizens of Fairfield: to preserve the outstanding quality of life, to keep taxes to a minimum and to promote a high standard of education and best practices of government. As you probably guessed, I am a strong supporter of the Tetreau/Marmion team.

As first selectman, Mike Tetreau has proven to be an outstanding leader. In four short years he has decreased town pension costs, along with medical and worker’s compensation costs, restored Fairfield to a full AAA credit rating and delivered the lowest tax increase in the last 15 years while maintaining services to all citizens.

In addition, First Selectman Tetreau, contrary to what some have suggested, has been very pro-active in trying to convince GE to stay here in Fairfield. His efforts have been well documented in all of the state and local media outlets.

The first selectman's running mate, Sheila Marmion, was appointed to the Board of Selectman this past year to replace Cristin McCarthy Vahey who became a state representative. Prior to that she served several terms in leadership roles on the Representative Town Meeting. She was fully prepared to meet the challenge, and shares the same goals at the first selectman.

Both candidates are highly respected by their team members who are running for various town wide offices, or as Representatives from their voting districts.

I ask that you support the Tetreau/Marmion team of proven leaders.

Judith E. Ewing