It's often hard to find good news because we hear and read so many stories about war, murder, robberies and crimes. Here is my true story of human compassion, trust and empathy.

On Saturday evening, Sept. 12, I was at the Dock Shopping Center in Stratford. AAA had just towed my car away because my muffler fell off. I live in Westport. I asked many people where the bus stop was and no one seemed to know. It started drizzling and I was standing at the entrance to BJ's when a woman came up to me and introduced herself. She offered to give me a ride! When I told her I needed to get to Norwalk, I expected her to say that was too far. She told me she and her husband live in Fairfield, but were going to Stew Leonard's in Norwalk! This beautiful couple took me where I needed to be!

Thank you, D. and A., for giving a stranger a ride. Perhaps other people will be encouraged to follow your example. I know I am. Thank you!

Barb Schade