The race among the last standing GOP contenders, who are all jumping through hoops to convince Republican voters that they deserve the title of "Most Conservative," has often been comical, often been downright dirty, and has produced unintended consequences. Just ask Herman Cain about unintended consequences.

The most intriguing unintended consequence was in the last Republican presidential primary debate. That's when the former Republican U.S Senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, was revealed to be a weasel by the other former Republican U.S Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum. To be honest, Santorum didn't actually call Specter a "weasel." That's my characterization of Specter after listening to conservative Santorum's explanation of why, years ago, he supported the re-election of the so-called moderate Specter, over Specter's conservative opponent.

Santorum explained that he supported the re-election Specter in a deal they made for Specter's support of the appointments of the extremely conservative Alito and Roberts to the United States Supreme Court. Considering the magnitude, gravity and consequences of Supreme Court appointments, Specter's betrayal of his supposed centrist convictions belongs in the biblical category.

Richard Ross